World of Doctor Who

Milo Ryans 2 years ago updated by Drew Aliyeva 2 years ago 1


I’ve been looking through all the WoX sites and the universes they’re set in, and it came to me that a World of Doctor Who could be an AMAZING idea if it’s done properly :D

Yes, yes, I know it’s a tad complicated making roleplay areas for the ENTIRETY OF TIME AND SPACE, including parallel universes and all that, but it could go really well if it’s made just right. Doctor Who has millions and millions of views every week (when it’s on *grumble*), with people like me wishing that a Tardis would pick me up from my boring job :)

Instead of ‘muggleborn’, ‘half-blood’, ‘pureblood’ and all the other WoX sites equivalences, you could have Alien, Human Companion and Human, so people could decide if they want to be from anywhere in the universe or just good old Earth, and ‘Alien’ could even have different sub-classes like Time Lord. Or it could be “Time-Lord, Human Companion and Human”. Anything really :)

With such a large universe to build off and infinite possibilities, and one of the biggest fanbases of any TV series, you could do SO MUCH with this and make it the biggest WoX site out there :D

It’s just an idea, and it might completely flop and fail, but I still think it could be interesting. If you’ve considered it, then WOOOOO, and if not, then thanks for reading my opinion (if you still are) and good luck with all the current sites :D


Sites like these are something the community pays for and you need to contact the contact e-mail on the bottom of the page on WoP or any of the sites