Club Application Notification

Sometimes when owning a club it can be annoying to have to enter it, go through admin and let users in, without a notification that they have applied. I myself own a work club (prefects/cabin leaders) and don't necessarily have a problem as when I accept someone into the position I also accept them into the club (although I do sometimes forget), but a user-based club wouldn't be very efficient.

For example, someone might own a "long hair, don't care" club (sorry, first thing that came to mind!) where only users with long haired faceclaims are allowed in. However, they have no idea when someone has applied for the club and have to manually check to see if anyone has applied.

If there was a notification, either via notifications or Owls/PMs then it would be a lot easier and quicker to know when someone has applied. Positives of this would include:

  • Lass hassle for the club owner
  • Quicker entry for the applicants
  • More freedom to check applications for the owner

I'd love to hear some more opinions/suggestions down below if you have any ♥