Payment for Housejobs

Hidaya Brown 2 years ago updated by World of Potter 3 months ago 2

Dear players,

on the sites, there are numerous different jobs. It is very unfortunate, however, that the works in the houses are unpaid. This way, neither the quidditch team nor the writers of the newspapers, or any other job get compensation for their efforts.

That is why I wished there was some kind of universal job, allocated by the heads of houses.

Having one of these jobs would not grant the holder a coloured job or any additional permissions, like writing on the bulletin board. It would, however, be paid, like any other job (at the time of writing, a regular, official job earns 20 galleons per week).

The notification could read: you have been paid for your work in the house.

It is truly unfortunate that the people that take over all these different works in their house get no real compensation, only what they may get from their respective head of house.


For being a house journalist you do get paid 20 galleons a week like you would for a coloured job. For Quidditch that would be awesome for the players but i have noticed that they are always mixing up the teams so everyone who wants to do it can so it could easierly get complicated.