IN-GAME Housepoints

WoPideasblahblah 2 years ago updated by Felicity Crawford 1 year ago 4

So this would be a "new" category so to speak, on the profile.
I recently realised that for most peaple the housepoints you earn through homework/grading can't be transferen on to your play - to you in game life as a student - because then you would decide that you are better than X-number of players just because you earn points and they don't. SO therefore I would like for their to be points that you CAN use ingame.

These points would clearly be stated to be of in game character only and only reflect your users school life, and not how many grades you give/assignments you finish.

This would be points that could be taken from you if 
- You have a topic in the middle of the night and get caught by a teacher/prefect
- Break any rules in general IG

And you can earn it by

- Good IG behaviour basically.

So it would be the points as we knoe them from the books, and they would only matter in topics and in game life. This would be an extra way to show how you think your character is in school to others - And it gives a lot of extra play.

The ability to give/remove points would be given to prefects and professors I think would make most sense.

This would give more to the IG life! :D


This would be sooooo cool :D Maybe a little hard to add, but it’d be worth it for the added realism ^^