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Hello, recently you changed the interest and it lowered my interest quite a bit and I got a bit annoyed since I was planning to buy something, but needed that interest. I dont understand the new interest at all, all I know is that most people aren't happy with it. You guys are right about people getting too much interest but it would be amazing if it could be changed back to 1 percent a day, and maybe make the max interest something more reasonable, like 150 or 200 obols (galleons)

Please, please, please consider this 


Even have the percentage of what you get in interest change to something lower after a certain point would also be good!


Just to add onto the original comment, there are a lot of people who do have a lot of money. 

However, a lot of people spend money on pets. And a lot of people relied on interest, higher than 50 obols, to be able to feed pets. After this new update, a lot of people can't afford to keep pets fed and healthy. Without the money earned in interest, I'm not able to keep all of my pets fed and a lot of them are eventually going to run away. I know I can't feed them, so I'm not going to bother because I just don't have the money anymore. So I hope the max cap. on interest is raised, because the pet system doesn't work for a lot of people with this new interest system.


Agreed. I know a lot of users aren't happy about this (namely, those who earn a daily of interest of over 50 galleons) and it is a challenge to keep pets fed.


Yep, its hard to buy them medicine and food to keep them from running away!


I think this could be a GREAT thing, as long as it doesn’t affect the people with less galleons... because previously, a lot of people hardly got any interest because they had like 2 galleons, so the new update is good in that it helps them get more money... but I also agree with your idea. The max cap is too low and should be raised, but ONLY if it doesn’t make the poorer people worse off. Hope you agree :3


This is definitely something I agree with tbh! The exponential growth of interest provided one of my main incentives for logging in on my alt accounts each day, but now that's gone, I don't really feel much drive to remain active on those other accounts. They're mostly disappearing into the ether, sometimes to the point of gaining VIP after two weeks of inactivity, which also demotivates me from actually spending money and buying the VIP as I've always been prone to do. My pets all ran away because I wasn't logging in often and couldn't even really afford to feed them; just pet medicine alone was basically more than I was earning in interest. While interest can of course be lessened for people who have far greater bank balances as a sort of "catch up" mechanism (perhaps having the percentage of interest decrease as you hit certain balance milestones, like 10% until you reach 10k, then 9% until the next milestone, and 1% from 50k onwards, or the same for smaller balances?), in my eyes, capping it at such a low base rate seems to be a little bit of a demotivating setback. <3 


Same, my pets ran away as well because of that, so I can relate


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Could you change this to ideas?