Housepoints for Plays

Evallia 2 years ago updated by Sternchen 2 years ago 4

As it is right now, the only way to achieve Housepoints is via Homeworks, correcting such or the little riddles.
But the Game lives off of plays, not of homework no one else will ever see.

Achieving Housepoints for posts in plays or for finished and closed plays, would be a great way to keet the whole Game more active.Since this is the core-mechanic of the whole page there should be some sort of reward fot posting plays. If not housepoints then at least a few knuts would be some kind of motivation.

However granting points for those who paticipate in roleplaying topics would make sense on a meta basis - In the actual world of Harry Potter students can gain rewards for their houses not only through diligent school-work, but also through remarkable actions and noticeable behavior - Since this seems to descripe the content of nearly every play out there, voila!

It would also offer an option for adult characters to participate in the whole house-contest, which in reverse
results in a more active playing enviorement outside of Hogwarts itself. This would be beneficial for things like the Quidditch league, the whole added job-system and so on.


You can already gain xp by roleplaying, sending owls and even talking in chats, and level-ups are displayed on your wall, so you do already have a sort of reward for being active. 

Moreover in the HP series, Housepoints are for students only, and mainly related to scholar achievements, so it wouldn't make sense to me if graduated adult characters could gain some and be awarded the House Cup - they're not even in Hogwarts IG anymore. 


I am against it. Reason: There should be more people that want to do homework or else they dont have money. Otherwise they wouldnt to homework anymore. A post is created fast, homework isnt. That would be more than unfair.

Money wouldnt even make sence then, because if anyone could make money so fast, they would have everything without even working for it.


To be fair, I don't see how an RPG-Post is written faster, than a homework-post, if you have any interest for it. Post we write for our RPGs in all the different forums are the things that define our characters, make them more realistic and give them an actual personality, which we need to do good homeworkt btw.

Also you cant tell people waht they should be and shouldn't be interested in! If people do fast and sloppy posts, as you suggest, then the same people will not do any detailed and thought-through homeworks. So your logic has flaws here.

There are poeple who prefer RPG-postings over homework. And that is perfectly finde, since it is the core-mechanic of the page. Often there is not enough time to do both, homeworks and roleplays, so why would you want to punish those who decide for the one thing, the page was ment for?

No one said that Posts should have the same value of Housepoints as an homeowrk, thats for developers to decide honestly, but there should be the freedome of not having to choose between being useful for you house or playung your character.


" so why would you want to punish those who decide for the one thing, the page was ment for? "

I dont want to harm anyone, that they get less money than before and I respect everyone that prefer RP before homework and I also respect those who are in Teams. It's just my opinion that I dont like it. Thats my reason. Please just accept it and leave it be. You can have your opinion, I have mine.