Debit Card for Bank

Aramis Auden 2 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 weeks ago 3

I think that there should be a sort of debit card feature on site so that way you can use that to purchase items instead of having to keep returning to your bank to withdraw what us needed. 

I think this would be extremely helpful as sometimes when you withdraw money from the bank, you realize you haven't taken out enough for what you need! This is when you can pull out the debit card and pay like that instead of having to return to the bank. It would also enable users to be able to access obles if they would like to use 200 obles (or whatever currency is used) to un-faint themselves.

We could also make it an item in shops so then users would have to purchase the debit card in order to use the debit card feature.


We should have this for sure, it seems like an amazing idea. Its annoying to go back to the bank to buy stuff


This is an amazing idea! That way you wouldn't have to calculate exactly what you need before you buy it...