Custom Wands

Dean Crockord 4 years ago updated by Abigail Baines 4 years ago 3

Hello all, and thank you for taking the time to read this.

I have seen many ideas on having a "sorted" wand, however I would like to ask about custom wands. While there are many nice wand options, since this group appears to be massive, odds are many characters will be developed and that the wand choices, while impressive would not appeal to everyone. I was wondering if it would be possible to have a custom wand available in the shop, leaving the current wands as they are for those who would want them. While I understand that getting something that makes everyone happy is impossible, but the idea could help with wands at least a small amount. I was thinking of having the wand cost just as much as the current most expensive wand which I think is in the range of 367 galleons. Buying this wand could give drop down menus for the wood, core, and length.

Or it could be that each core, wood, and length is assigned a galleon value for someone who would want two cores, like the Fwooper and hippogriff feather wand already in the store. This way people could mix and match all of the various woods (Ash, vine, alder, beech, etc) and all of the cores and lengths to have a wand that fits their wizard as much as possible.

Once again than you for your time

I understand that this could be a good development, but it would be quite difficult to get enough images for this. What would you suggest on that front, so it is clear? :)

Well, since we can already upload profile pictures perhaps add that to the custom wand.


On the point of pictures I could imagine like the option 'custom wand' (more expensive than others in the end, of course) could have a question mark and than you click it. it opens a new window with 3 categories, wood, core and lenths. Wood could be maybe of those wands already there just without the 'magic colours' offering maybe 5 different ones (no clue how many there are already) so that those only needed to be modified instead of completly redrawn. Once a wand is chosen the next category opens (cores) than we could use the images of the wand with the same core from the shop and change the 'magic part' of it with just changing colours for different core parts, but only one core then (also different prices). at the end the person chooses a length that will be shown than and click done and pay for the wand and it will be in the chest like everthing else :)

If its not understable I can draw an exmaple if I'm allowed to use the images from this site :)

I would even volunteer to overwork the drawings if you can sent me the pictures of the existing wands and which cores and wood you want me to do :) But I will need time as I have exams coming up and a few other things :'D