Dates in the "Your Gradings"

Fye 2 years ago updated by Chloe/ Selene 10 months ago 1

Are you a person who has ever been curious about when you graded a certain piece of homework?  Or maybe you want to know how much you've graded in a certain day?  Me TOO!  

I think it would be beneficial to add dates to the "Your Gradings" tab.   Many times, if I grade homework, I want to know when I graded a certain piece, or when a certain grade was returned from a dispute.  The homework looks very similar, and if, for example, I was punished for one grade and approved for another, I want to know how recent it was.  Was it yesterday or two months ago??   

Not only do I think it would benefit myself, I also think it would benefit the admins of the site.  


Just saw this before I was about to post the same thing. XD

But bumping this up since I definitely need this myself. I sometimes want to owl a Professor or an AT on incorrect gradings but I don't even have the dates so I don't know how relevant the grading is. So this would definitely be useful.