See the number of received gifts

Elena Pritchard 2 years ago 0


there is something that I and several people I have talked to want to have. It's not extremely important, but it would be a useful feature. If someone gives me something, it would be good to see the number of them. For example, people often send me animal feed and as compensation I send chocolate frog cards. Sometimes, however, I do not know how much food was in my chest before the gift came and I can not figure out how many times I got a bag of food. It's hard to pick the right number of chocolate frog cards.
Therefore, it would be very useful if I could see in how many numbers the gift was sent to me. Another example is that I got something for Christmas and would like to give something back next year. It would be nice to see how much I got, so I can send back as much.
I would be very grateful for this opportunity!