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Increased Character Options for Names

Nobel 1 year ago updated by World of Potter 6 months ago 3 1 duplicate

Currently, sites won't allow for any names with a space, hyphen, or in them. I believe it would be a good and popular idea to include some basic character (punctuation) options. These do occur in real life, so why not bring it to the sites? (Take the names Keegan-White, O'Halleran, Gracie Jo, and so on)

Of course, the system with it can't be perfect, but incorporating a one-special-character-per-box method might be in order, possibly having to use a number of "regular" characters in addition.

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I think this is great, add more freedom, and creativity. 


Definitely agree! Adds more freedom and uniqueness, plus there a lot of people who's characters get married and want to hyphenate their name. Take Jane Marie Black for example: Jane marries John Doe and wants to  hyphenate her name, but instead of being able to come Jane Marie Black-Doe she becomes Jane Black Doe. I think this is great.