You can't be here

Leonus Lee 2 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela 2 years ago 2

I can't even access the account at all, I was on it yesterday with no problem, now I am not even logged in and it gives the "You can't be here" message. What is wrong? Is it just WoP right now, or is it something that is being done? (Btw the url that shows up is: https://worldofpotter.eu/unauthorized?redirect=https://worldofpotter.eu/user ) I am trying to make a new account too, which it won't even let me do.


Try to click on the WoP logo, this should take you back to the homepage where you can log in or create a new account then.

If you requested for your account to be deleted and you were still logged into it when it was deleted, this also happens, so that may have been the situation? Did you ask to have your account deleted

If you still can't access the site correctly and you are unable to log out / log in, then either open a new browser, open an incognito tab, or clear your history and try again. That should work )