Help or people to help out new people such as myself. Thank youuuu

Chase 2 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 2

new people 

There are quite a few ways you can get help when you are a new user on site!

Just after you get sorted, the Rules pop up. From there, you can also access the Guidelines as well! Both are always accessible by pressing the dropdown at the top right, and clicking "Rules" or "Guidelines". 

Some sites also have some library books to further explain and help with things on site. Some have a starters guide as well!

If you're still confused, there are always site members who are more than happy to help answer your questions and help you get started! They are any users with their name in color, and you can either find the ones online by pressing the Marauders' Map (or the map for your site) or you can find the full list of staff by pressing the Hogwarts tab (or first tab after the site logo at the top) and then "Job List".

I hope this helps! :)