Shortcut for ‘Your Clubs’

alexander 2 years ago updated by not me 1 year ago 4

You know how you have the shortcut in the menu for ‘Your Topics’? Well I’d really appreciate it if you could have a ‘Your Clubs’ one as well. It is a little bit difficult when every single time you want to access a new club, you have to open the menu then find the right floor and the right room then scroll to find the right one... wouldn’t it just be easier to have that handy little button at the top of the menu?

This could be SUPER helpful ^-^

Yes it would! Also, you know how you have an easy access of your house's club at the top? It would be nice if there was a place where you could choose the club you use most and put it there


Yasssssss!!! :D

And if you have a job, maybe the club FOR that job could automatically be up there as well? Because those clubs are important and it’s annoying to get to them every time if you need to do something in the forums or whatever :3

Indeed! Most jobs you have to put your weekly work in the forums!