Divergent Roleplay Website

traxton1212 2 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela / Zara 2 years ago 1

So i thought id throw the idea out there for a Divergent role play website. We have covered many other series but i know personally the Divergent series held a place in my heart and many others. I think we could adapt it to this type of site by sorting into the 5 factions, then giving a select few the status of divergent like how we give out abilities like charm speak on WoO. Also we could make factionless a status too if someone wanted to join the group. Its just an idea but i think it would fit amazing and draw many new people to these sites. Thank you for reading and show some support so we can make this happen.


If you have an idea for a new WoX site, you can contact the creator using the email at the bottom of every site ( kontakt@worldofpotter.dk ). 
However, keep in mind that this may already be in progress, and if not, you will need to raise the funds, find the staff, and come up with the translations for the WoX template.