Question: Do Non-Admin have Staff Monitoring Abilities?

Anon 3 years ago updated by World of Potter 3 years ago 3

In the rules, it states: 

When an MoM, Headmistress/ Headmaster, Head of House, Leader, Chief Editor, Teacher (or prefect or AT in their absences) asks you to stop something that is going on in chat this must be respected.

However I am wondering if Journalists, Plot, Backstory have the same rights as the Admin jobs (because I know that non-admin (like journalists) might not know the rules.


Only the jobs listed in the rules (adult staff + prefects & ATs) have what you'd call "monitoring abilities" (giving timeouts being an example), but every coloured user must be a rolemodel for others - therefore all of them must know the rules and abide by them (actually, like every other user). If you notice it's not the case, try to sort it out through an owl ;) 


In the absence of the above, they can monitor chat, however, if someone above them is in chat or comes into chat, they should allow them to handle any situation that may be going on.