World of Potter Latin America (WoP Lat)

Lara Prince 3 years ago updated by Maxi Olympotens 2 months ago 6

The reason for this request is that day by day more Latin Americans show up in World of Potter Spain, so it is demonstrated in these countries there is a large community interested in this universe. However, the time difference is considerable (7 hours between Mexico and Spain, for example), which means that in many situations those of us who are part of this website lose events, have to juggle to participate or even leave the page due to time incompatibility.

In addition, the Spanish spoken in Latin American countries is different from the one spoken in Spain, as well as the translation of some words related to the world of Harry Potter, which makes our participation in Quidditch very difficult since, logically, in WoP ES they validate the translations that are made in Spain, and not the ones that are made in Latin America.


I think it's a wonderful idea! It's a pity, but time lapse is hard to deal so many times... Moreover, Latin American countries deserve their own server! :D


Yes, Latin America needs its own server. 


Yeah, that's what we need. A new page of World of Potter in Latin America. I want it, I got it xD

It will be amazing. All the time I open WoP, I get confused with the time >_<


¡Wop Latinoamérica! LO APOYO TOTALMENTE

Soy Argentina y lo necesito

I mean, I'm all for latin american integration, but let's be real: WoPES is already too small :( we would end up with 2 different small sites, instead of one big, complete and active spanish-speaking community. 

But I completely agree with the issues of time lapses and translations. Sometimes it's a problem, specially in quidditch.

Keep in mind all the staff this would need

You are not allowed a grad staff job on two WoPs at once... this means any grad staff on WoP ES would not be allowed to go to WoP LA and vice versa - considering the community is already small, I would highly suggest against this - this is probably the same reason WoP AU has been rejected, while time is a very very valid reason... logistics, money and other things come into play here and why add more to a list of struggling sites?