Do not make chocolate frog card wallposts for duplicates

Mira Jones 2 years ago updated by World of Potter 1 month ago 1

Okay, so we all love ourself our chocolate frog cards. And most of us try to get every single one of them. It is a great feature and I love that we get more and more cards every few months. BUT seeing all those wall posts that show us that someone got a duplicate is both annoying and highly frustrating.
1) On some days I am not even able to see any 'real' posts on mobile (where you can only see 100 posts) because my friends used all their money to buy new cards and opened them all at the same time.
2) I also think that it makes the moment way less special when you finally get the last card that you needed to complete a set, when the post that says that I got the card, is burried between 30 other posts that say that I got a duplicate of a great card. 
3) Seeing how one of your friends got one great card over and over again, is simply frustrating, as long as there is no trading option.
So I suggest that a wallpost about a rare chocolate card is only posted the first time someone got this card. This way it would keep the wall clean and nice and you could actually feel happy about someone finding a rare card and not be annoyed about all the other posts about duplicates!