Quidditch leader

Shannon Anita 3 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 3

I feel like because so much work goes into Quidditch, it should be a separate thing from Head of House. The Quidditch team should have their own leader who deals with the training. It's such a big job and I think it would be good for the quidditch team to have their own "job" though not necessarily a colour as they may have other jobs like prefect but quidditch leader/captain should be gold. 

Most teams do have a separate Quidditch captain, and most times, they do get paid as a journalist for the house noticeboard. If your site doesn't have that, I'd suggest talking to your Head of House or Minister.


I think you have misunderstood the point of this post. the OP is pitching the idea for an official Quidditch Leader (breaking the Quidditch role/training away from the HoH entirely). This would be a new position that stands with the other leaders on site. Not simply a 'Quidditch Captain'. 
She's also saying that students that put in the work to train for Quidditch should be paid something (a colourless student job), much like that of writing an NB. At the moment, everything connected to Quidditch is volunteer, students that train and play in the matches don't get anything, and it is a lot of extra work for the HoH to organise and keep teams together.