Adopt pets in The Pet Kennel

Katherine Winchester 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 3

I have been thinking about this for a long time and I think adopting abandoned pets that live in The Kennel would be a great idea. We all love animals here and it is a shame not being able to adopt them, even though they are just online animals. Maybe we could buy them with galeons so everyone accepted in World of Potter will be able to adopt a pet. 

Another good idea about this situation would be if we could feed them and cuddle them while waiting to be adopted. Thank you for your time.


But the pets in the kennel are already owned by other people..


Sometimes people put pets in the kennel because they are going on holidays and can't feed and cuddle them every day when away. Or they often forget to feed them and do not want to lose them and would rather keep them at a kennel and pay for that instead :D 


Oh, I didn't think about that. The thing is that most of the animals that are there (at least in WoP ES) is because their owner isn´t playing on the page anymore but maybe it would be a better idea if we could only cuddle and feed the animals there so they don´t have to be passed out at the Pet Kennel :)