Grading needs to be changed

dunkn 2 years ago 0

Hi! It is Jax here. I am bringing up a problem I see all the time. And I think it could be fixed a couple of ways. The first way is making sure that the people who are grading have read the grading rules. I am constantly getting graded down because I make a grammar mistake but in the rules, it says specifically "If not prohibited in the class, you are not to take points for want of RPG, writing in a specific tense, missing references or similar. You are never to take points for misspelling, number of words, creativity or similar." This is not being followed at all, and here is a screenshot of the last homework that I just did. The guy deserved an O, but got exceeds expectations, I know that is like complaining over a 100 and a 95. But still. This is happening all the time, to everyone, especially myself and I think it needs to stop (screenshot) https://imgur.com/o7jX00n

have a few ideas of what could help remove this problem from the site.
1) Have graders pass a test or something of the sort proving that they have read the rules and they know how to grade properly. Making it so you are a "certified grader" and they can grade only certain things and regular graders can grade uncertified homework. And you could make it so people who are active have certified homework. Or people with VIP or something like that.
2) Have a lock on the grading rules in the guidelines making it so no one can grade unless they have read the whole thing. Don't make it like terms and services "I read this and agree" Make it so the person would have to stay on the page for about 5 minutes and actually read it so you know that they will do it right.
3) Change the level of grading. Currently, to grade you must be a level 3. I can tell you from experience. I can get to level 3 on a brand new account in about 15 minutes. That is including being sorted and skipping all of the hints. If you change the level to 10, or even 5. That is still a lot to go because it is only 806 XP to get to level 3. That is 806 messages in the chat or 162 owls. But that doesn't take long to do at all. Spam some random person, or you can actually do things on the site and it will get you to level 3 just as fast.

These are just a few ideas because I feel quite strongly about this topic because too many times have I gotten a good instead of an outstanding when I have done everything I was supposed to do but I spelled Hogwarts wrong or I used a comma when I shouldn't have. Or worst of all... They didn't like how I wrote MY homework.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day,
Magical regards,