ATs and Teachers to Have Grading Character Minimum

Rowan Harrington 3 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela 3 years ago 2

Currently on WoP and other sites, users have a 180 character minimum for grading. However, this is not in place for the ATs and I think it should be. Recently, I have completed some homework that I probably spent a good hour on. I love receiving feedback for my work, but when it was graded by an AT I found a response much less than what you would normally see. It's very frustrating to see, especially when the ATs should be going above and beyond. This policy would put into place that expectation.


A thing I would recommend doing too is to message the teacher about this problem as well, so the teacher can talk to their ATs about it.

I agree that the limit should be there too.

Even for a teacher, it would be nice, because sometimes your ATs don't follow what you've asked, but you cannot see what they've put as their response to graders.