anonymized Job-Application-system

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Often when you apply for an open Job you put a lot of effort an time into the application. Especally for higher Jobs like those of teachers, it can be hours of work to prepare the application, the class materials and so on. And often enough you don't get any feedback. Most of the times you don't even know your application got rejected, until you see someone else having the job. this is discouraging to say the least. 
We watched a lot of palyers losing interest in the site alltogether, simply because of not getting any feedback to such efforts. Another Thing that drives players with hiogh amibitions to inactivity is, that they feel like they cant get anywhere, if they don't know the right people, to support their applications.

So the idea would be to have an own system (like the homework-system) where you post your Job-application (as anonym as the Homework can be) and it HAS to get marked as declined or accepted with a little feedback in the textbox. So players get any kind or reaction out of it and don't feel flatly ignored or put down in favor for someones connections. At least they know their application got read and not just vanished in thin air - to ease the frustration level.


while I can see your point I don’t think you have to create a whole new system to fix this

The only things which needs to be changed would be a rule that states that leaders have to reply trough the owlery wether you’re getting the job or not

...perhaps send the leaders an owl...

Many times leaders don't decide a for sure YES or NO to an application. For example, there have been times where I had 2-3 good applications, but only one position open. I hired the one I thought was best. Now, according to this, those other two would think they didn't have good applications and would be told they were rejected, however, a week later, another position on the team opens up and I go back to one of those good application to hire them. 

Many leaders go back to previous applications that they weren't quite sure about or didn't have enough positions open for.

If you want feedback to improve, then you can owl the leader to see and you may get feedback on it. 


It should not be something you have to ask for though. They put work into it and they deserve at least a kind of response about it, if you want to keep the frustration-rate low. 

I agree with TerryS. This would be the very minimum of actions that would be needed.

If people want to know, then ask, else it could just be a waste of time for the leaders. I know that I am way too busy than to respond to every single application.

It is stated on most of the club pages that "You will only recieve a response if you are accepted onto the team". 
If a user cannot handle not getting a response, they shouldn't put themselves into a position where they may not get one.

It's understandable that some people do put a lot of work into the application, but some people also don't and it wouldn't be fair for leaders to need to reply to each and every one of those, even to those who don't deserve it, however, it's also not fair if leaders picked which they considered had a lot of work put into it and who didn't, as everyone is different and a lot of work for one may be an easy feat for others.

Some people apply only for the job. Others apply for the job, but they also want feedback to improve. For those who wish to approve, asking shouldn't take too much effort. 


I totally agree with this, however a lot of sites/teams/management aren't willing to give out feedback even if you specifically asked for it after a rejection.

I guess then that's more an issue with that leader. Perhaps MoMs/HMs encouraging it if a user asks, but at the same time, then they may have users who apply, ask for feedback, apply again, and it keep going in a reoccurring cycle.