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Peeves' mocking corner won't accept the right answer

AnneMarie Vinteau 3 years ago updated by World of Potter 3 years ago 4

Today's question was Name the charm to cast against dementors. I put the Patronus Charm and it said it was incorrect.

Please fix this!


Peeves is very picky about the correct answer. You only capitalise Character names.

For instance:

P: Which house does the Grey Lady belong to?

A: ravenclaw

Incorrect: Ravenclaw

For names, you put first AND last name with proper capitalising.

P: Which animagus can turn into a stag?

A: James Potter

Incorrect: james, James, james potter, harry's dad

For spells: You use all lowercase, and you usually put the incantation.

P: Name the charm cast against dementors:

A: expecto patronum

Incorrect: Patronus, patronus, patronus charm, Patronus Charm, Expecto Patronum


capitalizing doesn't matter anymore in Peeves

It also specifies you need full names.