Special food for Kneazles and rats

Nimphara 3 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela 3 years ago 5

For every different pet there is special food which you can give your pet. We have special food for owls, cats, mice and toads. Now my idea is to make some special food for kneazles and rats too. Those are the new pets, but they only can eat universal food. 


Kneazles can eat cat food and rats can eat cheese :)


I tried to give my kneazle cat food and he threw it up, so that doesn't work


Perhaps they've set it up differently on the site you site on, or your pet wasn't hungry when you fed them.

I'd talk to your minister about this.


Kneazles can´t eat cat food, otherwise, this idea wouldn´t have been done...

Some sites have it set up so they can, so I'd suggest talking to the minister of your site whether it can be eaten by them or not :)