Dorm rooms

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I was thinking what if we had a dorm room section. There could be two types. The first could be like a buddy system, when you first join this site you are automatically put into a dorm full of other members from your house, the head of the dorm would be an experienced member, who has applied for this position to guide new members for the first month of the game for example. As this site is somewhat overwhelming to navigate and learn how to play when you first start. If a new member does not want to be part of this system they can leave the dorm at anytime. At the end of a month they are automatically exitted from the dorm.

The other dorms, can be created by members regardless of experience, whereby a group of people could hang out, the dorm could include a small description. It could also include a live chat and forum. Any dorms with only 1 member for an extended period of time get deleted or are inactive.


There are already dormitories :)


not the way im refering to, this is my idea better explained I had this dorm idea, essentially there would be two dorms.

A) The new members dorm, your placed here with other new members of your house,
with a few experienced members who have applied for the position, this
area would involve a live chat, and forum, the new members could ask
questions and the experienced members could point them in the right
direction, I find this site a bit overwhelming trying to figure it all
out. Sometimes its hard to find it in the guidelines and even once found
your asking someone else to give further clarity. The new members could
stay for a max of a month in the new dorm, after which the system
automatically exits them from the dorm, if members do not want to be a
part of the dorm system they can click "Leave" at the start of the game
or at any stage.

B) Dorms set up by members of any experience in a house, for fun, the
dorm could include a description e.g If you like exploring the Hogwarts
castle and getting into trouble then this is the dorm for you. And
members of that house can select the dorm they'd like to join, The dorm
could include a live-chat and forum, but not mandatory to join a dorm,
probably best to limit it to one dorm per user, that includes creating
your own dorm room. Moderating dorms; You could either get members of
the site to apply to moderate dorm rooms, or the user that created the
dorm is the moderator, whereby any problems occur, the moderator can
screen shot the conversation, report it and remove the person in
question from the dorm, other dorm members can report concerns to the
dorm moderator, or if the dorm moderator is the one causing the trouble
they can directly report to other staff. Any inactive dorms for a
certain period of time are deleted, and dorms that only have one member
for a certain period of time are also deleted.

I can see what you tried to do there.