Allow automatic rejection letter on SE (and other smaller sites)

h.bergstrom95 3 years ago updated by Kath 3 years ago 7

SE is still a small site with about 130 members and not much applications to look over.

However, with such a small site I think it's possible to add "Automatic Rejection Letters" attached to the club linked with the job you're applying to. Like you do with applications to the Quidditch-teams. 

To apply for a job you send an email and also apply to join the respective Club. For example The Teachers Club.

In this club, there's an option to write automatic Rejection Letters which you write one time. 
For example "Sorry, you have not been hired. Better luck next time, best regards Principal X" or something similar. (No reasons needed)
If you're not hired, the one hiring just needs to press the red X-button in the club for an automatic owl to be sent to the one who applied and got rejected.

For bigger sites like EU I know this might not be possible due to more applications, but for smaller sites, for example, SE (with about 130 active members) this is a possibility and would relieve a lot of anxiety both for members and staff who gets bombarded with owls.


The reason teams don't tell users who apply that they've been rejected is because many times, they aren't rejected, they just aren't hired at that time. Leaders do often go back to old applications when a new spot opens up on the team. Sending them a rejection owl, or any sort of rejection notice, will make them feel discouraged. 


in that case I think its important to communicate that in the automatic rejection letter. As I wrote above "better luck next time" or "you're welcome to apply again when other positions open up" or however you'd like to express yourself. Communication is key to all healthy realtionships weather its professional or personal :)


I think the problem with rejecting people is that you hurt people even more than if they just don't get the job... A lot of people would be sad if they knew they were just not good enough or something like that. I know I am on a site wishing to hear from the leaders, but I don't want to be hurt and that will happen if they say something wrong in a rejection...

And the automatic part is wierd because on most of the sites you don't apply on the clubs before you get the job by a written owl. So the automatic part can't happen.


And there's just as many people who get anxiety from not knowing.

I think its like a bandaid, its better to rip it off fast than to do it slowly. It hurts less.

And theres always a way to communicate something in a neutral way. "This is an automatic message to tell you we're sorry, you didn't get the job this time, but you're welcome to apply again another time." Instead of "You didn't get the job, we found someone better." #phrasing

And getting rejected from something prepares you for how life and society really works. You cant get everything and you need to actually hear that sometimes too, no matter how shit it feels.

And to apply for a club is a button-press away and something you can ask from the members in their job application (which the guidelines for what to write in the application is often written in the club description anyway)

so its always doable.


But from an automatic message you will never, and I mean never, know why... So that is just as painfull as not getting anything. If you have to get a rejection it has to be personal. So you know if it's because you need to go more in details, change how people see you on the site, if you have a reputation, if you have to get a rejection it has to be personal elsewhere the bandaid is still ripped of slowly.

Right now they have no obligation to tell you why you got rejected or that you even got rejected in the first place.

Telling someone why, I understand it cant always be done, since it can lead to neverending discussions and controversies.

But telling someone they didn't get hired is a way to close the chapter of wonder and allow people to search for other posts instead of weeks of waiting for answers on the first one.

for example; My cat ran away and it was much harder to not knowing if they were dead or not than knowing how they passed away.

And if you suspect there is false rumors going around or you have evidence for that you should speak to your MoM since slandering (talking about someone in a negative and untrue ways) is illegal under European law and is not allowed on WoP.