Updated Library

Martias Sabashian Samuel 3 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 5

I was thinking we could possibly be able to write books and have it published for other users to check it out and read them. Helpful tips or even books to read for fun. There's lots of great authors who could write amazing books for the entertainment of others.


We already have a library on WoP (:


We can write books in the library?


librarians write books for the library, so perhaps apply for that team


As already said there is a library on the sites, not only WoP, but all of them, it is the orange people who has that job...

For the fiction idea I think it would be to much, because a lot of those kind of people already is on movellas... So yeah I think it should be as it is but you can apply to be a librarian with your ideas on the site your in.