Voted Food

Diddy Peter Junior 3 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 8

I was thinking we could vote for the free meals. Have a list of free meals and everyone can vote for which meal they want for a certain day. 


lol this is funny but interesting! We could pick our favorite meals with a snack or drink!

Different categories of meals everyday or like at the end of every week

I would love to vote for food that would be cool! 

Yes, this could work. We get free food once everyday and if we can vote on different kinds of meals that would give a more free will type thing. It would be kool...although in the movie they did not do such thing. It was more of a bunch of food altogether


Idk about this... It seems like a thing that doesn't really do a difference? I mean you get the meal and can write about what you eat in a topic... It is not a game but an online RPG site.