To be able to see a list of the topics a user is participating in or has created on their profile

Brandon/Jae Williams 3 years ago updated by Roseleigh 2 years ago 4

This would of course allow you to choose which topics are allowed to be shown publically. I just feel like it would be easier for people to read about your character if they can follow their story in topics. I see lots of users putting a list of their topics already in their profile texts/backstories, and I think that it should be an official list on the profile instead as it would be easier for everyone. 


I love this idea! As Jae said it would be good to see the development of a character.


This would be a lot easier! I completely agree with this! Thanks


That would be lovely, I tried adding it in my backstory but it just made my code messy and long.. This would definitely fix that.