Deleting run away pets

Medea Darkwaters 2 years ago updated by World of Potter 1 year ago 8 2 duplicates

As many discovered, if you are not super present your pets may run away. If they do, they will just haunt your profile because there is nothing one can do to get their pets back.

I think that there should be the possibility to just delete from your profile the pets that runs away OR there should be the possibility to get those back after some time, paying or doing something else.

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Maybe for getting them back it could be the double payment than buying a new


I'd like it if we could just delete them from our profile after they've ran away totally not because mine did and I'm ashamed or anything.


No! Instead have a place they go instead :C


I was thinking that in the same way you can lose money by going from one place to another. If you have lost a pet you could go looking for the places, and suddenly find it. Show a sign saying: 'You have found your pet'.

Or even that others could find it and return it to you. And even if someone has lost it, and has ceased to be your pet and is found by someone else who could adopt it.

Too hard?

Yes, because having them still there for a nightmare.

Ich hätte nämlich zwei Katzen noch drinnen, die weggelaufen sind und würde gerne das >weggelaufen< nicht mehr lesen wollen.