Sorting Notifications in Different Categories

Jiya // Theodore 2 years ago updated by miLLe 2 years ago 2

It would be great if we had separate notification bars for different stuff. I often get so many notifications at once that sometimes, the important ones get missed. A lot of times, a friend request or a topic reply notification gets lost among other notifications. So it would be great if the notifications were separated. 

The notifications can be filtered into 3/4. 

  • Wall Posts (Likes, comments, or someone wrote on your wall) 
  • Friend or Relation Requests/ Acceptance Notifications 
  • Topic Replies/ Articles 

I feel like if the notifications were sorted in different categories (sort of like Facebook) rather than just all of them in one list, WoP will definitely be easier for me.  

Great idea, I totally agree.

In my opinion it'd be better to also separate Topic Replies from Articles, so I vote for 4 categories.


And there should be a category for pet cuddles. ;o)