Function to cancel some advices at the home page

Gabriel Nightmare 3 years ago updated by SemillonIvaNova 5 months ago 2

Is it possible to unsubscribe some news feeds at the welcome page?

Maybe it could be possible to unsubscribe only some news feeds for clubs oder for some other functions like chocolate frog cards. Then it would be a little bit more organized what news are shown at the welcome page. And you didn’t have to scroll soo much if you’re looking for an important post like an announcement for a subsitute teacher for example.


It sounds like you're questioning two separate things?

But for the cards thing I have already suggested a filter for the homepage :) 


The welcome page is only a partially custom page, as the MoM/HM or other coder choose and create the design of the page, the feed itself is based on who you have friended, hope this helps