Equip clothing

Jada Nightflame 5 years ago updated by Layla R 4 years ago 5

You can equip house robes, quidditch robes, and so on. That way, when someone goes to your profile, they can see what your character is wearing.


Mabye like an avatar thing? Like Mii's or something, you can pick a face, a body type, hairstyle, so on?


Yes, that would be a lot of fun! While also having the option to have a normal picture, or a gif when you're VIP ^^


It would bring more of a use to us buying clothes. Right now, I don't feel like buying any clothes because to me there's no point since no one sees or knows that I have them.


Could be a fine thing, but not here I guess. Would be difficult with the individual profile pics but avatars would limit the options fatally.

Plus at most times most people are wearing the school uniforms anyway, except quidditch robes for quidditch of course, so it wouldn't make any difference. 


Maybe when you hover your cursor above your name it can say 'wearing slytherin scarf' or something like that.