RL Age

Eva Goroghworth 3 years ago updated by World of Potter 3 years ago 4

This used to be a thing, but it was removed and I miss it. On the general info part on the profile, it used to say your irl age, and I miss that. I want to be able to know how old my friends are irl without having to ask them AGAIN because I forgot what it was. Plus I don't want to find out my character's dating someone who's 60 years old irl (he might still be a very nice guy and all, but personally I like to stick to people my own age irl)


This was removed due to the fact that people didn't want people to know something about them. This was to keep privacy.


Then maybe one could have the possibility to turn rl age on and off in the settings depending on one's preferences


If they wished to show their age, they can always just add it into their profile text.

If you have an issue with your character dating someone much older/younger IRL, you can always ask for their IRL age before beginning the ship. If they do not wish to tell you, you are not obliged to ship with them.
Keep in mind that just as they may lie to you about their age when you ask them, they may also lie about it when creating their account.