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Some of us want higher grading standards, others like the one we have, why not have both? In the wizard world there are OWLs and NEWTs. Why not keep the current system as the OWL grading system, and have an advanced grading system known as NEWT. The player can opt which grading guidline to go by, that way people who want to learn to write better can opt to be graded with a higher level of scrutiny constructive critism, and those who have trouble with writing, but still want to enjoy the world can do so.. Though this does seem a little moot, it doesn't have to be programmed in, just the rules updated. With how easy it is to get an Outstanding, it doesn't really feel like hard work is rewarded, when the bare minimum reaps the exact same reward.


I do agree with you...but to be honest, I have the feeling that a lot of the people grading have not even read the rules regarding grading (taking points away for assignments being too short, too uncreative, etc.) So I do not know if this would work that well. When I grade I find it unfair to give someone who put no effort into their work an O, but a person that wrote so much, really thinking about it and putting everything in an assignment, but e.g forget their sources get an EE. The whole grading system should have a small update - maybe even a little test (exam like) that people have to take before starting to grade, just so it is made sure, they know the rules of grading.
Apart from that I think your idea is very interesting, but having higher standarts should maybe give you higher rewards. It would still be unfair, to give someone who put WAY more effort into their work, only half of the housepoints - just because they want it to be graded with an advanced grading system.
This is something, probably not as simple as you think - at least I think so.


I am inclined to agree with you, in that there are people who put out GREAT works of art, and there are others who treat a game like its school, like they just want to be done with it. I am inclined to agree also with higher rewards for being graded on a higher and more critical scale, But not to the point it discourages others.

I am very well read and can tell when some one is having trouble with English, as subject placement will be a bit different, but i understand it still quite well, and to tell when some one is just sliding by. As far as perks go, well let the community chew on it for a bit, and see what other minds can add to this until it is refined into something we can all wrap our heads around. I think it also brings a little more realism, which unless i am mistaken, is one of the corner stones of a forum based RPG game, details create images, textures, sights, sounds, hues, thought and take us from our mundane existence into a world that to some, becomes more real than their waking mind. As i put out this idea, i also offer myself to anyone who wants to learn and i will keep it in the strictest confidence, im not here to brag about teaching, I am here to help others shine, to grant confidence in grammar and even learn a little myself. Young minds are important.

I agree something should be done about the grading system. There should be some sort of course in which people learn to get an eye for when homework is really not good or when you can see someone actually tried. I dont agree with the grading: "all questions answered in one sentence is an O." I mean, some of the users really put effort in it, rather than doing it to be done with it. Now both people would get the same grade based on the prompt being completed. 

Something that also confuses me is the following, which is stated in almost every lesson:
"Realism, creativity and ingenuity are mostly appreciated and will be rewarded."

However, in the grading guideline is stated that we shouldn't grade based on how much students wrote, or on creativity etc. So how are we supposed to do this and 'reward' people? 

I think that the system should be changed too. It's really annoying when grading homework if you come across a piece of work that really isn't to the greatest standard but according to the guidelines you have to give it an outstanding or exceeds expectations but you know it doesn't deserve that; I just don't want to be punished for 'unfair' marking. But then you come across work where someone has put so much time and effort into the assignments and you have to grade it the same as the one with hardly any effort. I understand that some people struggle with writing and stuff like that but everyone can tell the difference between when someone has put no effort in and when someone has tried but is genuinely struggling.