Feedback to relations system

luciadrake 3 years ago updated by miLLe 3 years ago 3

Hey WoP!
The new relations system is quite nice although I have a few suggestions. Firstly, I'd really like to be able to move them around like friends in the friends list, so that all family members can be e.g. in the top of the list and best friends in the bottom. Secondly, why isn't there a "sibling"-function? That would be helpfull and smart. Thirdly on the danish site it would be really cool to have a "best female friend" (veninde) next to the "best friend" one and maybe an enemy/nemesis option :-) And lastly; some of us have talked about it be aestheticly much more appealing to the eye if the the text size was the same as "profile info" (as someone who are studying webdesign I know it's an important part of the whole of the website to have users find it appealing). It seems unnecessarily big as it is now. 
That was just some ideas :-) 

Have a nice day. 


I have so many more suggestions :D

Boss, Uncle/Aunt, Protegé, Adopted son/daughter, Colleague, Ex-Boy/Girlfriend, Divorced, Estranged, Sister/brother in law

So many great options :D

Just want to up this so ppl will see instead of making a new all the time!

I would just like to add that I love this function in general, but I think it should be available for every character, no matter if one has purchased VIP or not. If you have to spend money to make the profile prettier or to get rid of ads and such, that's alright. But relations is something pretty basic for a rpg character, so it should really be available for non-VIPs, too. Tbh I was pretty shocked when I found out it's a VIP-only function. :"(