Clearer structure

SeleneMcLeod 5 years ago updated by 78187scu 6 months ago 7

In my opinion it does not become very clear what stuff levels you up and so on. There should be like a clear table or something that shows how much money and house points you get for doing certain things and what helps you to level up. Because right now it is just very confusing as some people are level 17 with only about 300 points and others are level 10 with more than 1000.


I agree, but just so you know: posting posts in topics (like RPGs) will get you exp points, but no housepoints, while grading and writing homework will give you both exp and housepoints. So people that are doing a lot of RPing will have more exp, and a higher level, than people that grade a lot of homework, who will have way more housepoints.


And housepoints reset every year, while you level doesn't. And talking in chat gives you points too, so start talking :)


Sending one owl gives you 5xp, posting one post on a topic gives you 5xp, every comment you make in chat gives you 1xp. Every assignment you grade gives you 10xp and every assignment you hand in gives you a variety of xp (depending on what grade you get, you can see this in the grading guideline on the website). Also you will get xp from Peeves Mocking Corner.

If I'm not mistaken, there are no other ways to gain xp for leveling up then this ;)

You earn xp for buying stuff