50 word requirement for each post.

clara-olsson 3 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela / Zara 3 years ago 5

Each post in a topic should hade a requirement of at least 50 words. Posts with less than 50 words should not be possible to publish. This requirement has been implemented on other Harry RPG-sites. A requirement preventes short one-liner posts an enhances the quality of the entire site. Using a requirement of a number of lines is not as effective as a word requirement since the number of lines can differ depending on what unit one is on. 


This would stop Prefects having to check for adequete starter lengths.

This could also be a feature for Backstories.


Okay, here's my problem with this. When a new user comes to WoP, sometimes, and most times, they don't have RP experience. So then in topics, their replies might be shorter. I feel that this would not make the site better, but make people want to be active less in topics. I still feel that though starting post rule should be held in place, though.

I, personally, find it difficult to write av answer to a post only containing one or a few lines. When the counterpart doesen't give anything for you to build on. But that might just be me. 

What I think (and have experience of) is that a limit like this motivates users to develop their writing, for example by reading other topics.

I understand your concerns for new users, but I think that holdig a certain standard will help people learn the RPG format. A solution could be that the 50 word requirement is a possibility, like rating.


This I agree with for forums to RP in, though it should not be a thing in the clubs' forums.


It can be an option, like metadata and language, when creating forums?