Alternate Houses

Carson/Rio 3 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 6

So my character on WoP US (Rio Colino) went to Beauxbatons, not Hogwarts. I've seen other users say in their PT or BS that they went to another magic school besides Hogwarts (Durmstrang, Ilvermorny, Mahaoutoko, and more.) I think this would be a great addition to WoP. Even though you would be in a different 'house,' you still would have to do the same lessons as people in all the other houses/schools. For example, everyone would take the same Divination class and lessons from the same Divination teacher. And when new users join, they would have the option to choose a house from a different school. Overall, I think this would be a great idea to consider for WoP US and other WoP sites.


Unfortunately this wouldn't work as the map says "Hogwarts". We also don't know enough about the other schools :)


I asked on one of the WoP's and they said it's not allowed to go on another school... If this should be possible they should make a site for Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, Ilvermorny and so on... But then the next question would be if this should be after the countries or if it should be in english and then how many of the schools...


We dont know enough about the other schools to make new sites


I think it would just be good enough to say your character was a transfer student from the other school.


This ^^ Or just write it in their PT/BS if they're a grad and didn't attend Hogwarts at all. 

Overall, it shouldn't effect their RP in any way ;)