Anti-pinging/do not disturb option

Sean Hanworn 3 years ago updated by Billy Olsen 3 years ago 1

Sometimes someone in chat pings someone who isnt' in chat, and the person who is pinged doesn't want to be/is busy or something, so I think there should be a toggleable option that would go at the top of chat (right next to the auto scroll option) that allows your name to not be pingable in chat.

For example, if your name is Jeremy Dwellington and you don't want to be pinged, you would toggle the do not disturb feature to on and then whenever somebody tries to ping you by typing your name, it wouldn't auto-correct i'm not sure what would happen if they typed your name out like @jeremy dwellington, but I guess it just wouldn't play the sound or do the look thingy or it might send a notice to the player (almost liek when you try to do /me and you aren't lvl 10 or havent done the maraders map quest) 


In addition, perhaps a marker in the marauder's map to indicate that someone has turned off pings or something like that?

I think it'd be very useful with a three-stage toggle; active - inactive - busy/do not disturb/muted, where active and inactive is automatical based on site activity and busy must be manually applied in order to mute the pings. As staff, the option of busy is an important one as we actually work on the site; while we're technically online and active, what we do often requires focus and it's always a bother to be tagged and pinged when you're in the middle of something. To be fair, even regular members who "only" play for fun often put a lot of work and focus into their writings and would be equally bothered by distracting pings and the chat calling for their attention. 

It's a function that will require some thought and consideration in creating, but I'm sure it'd be a most appreciated one!

(I automatically imagine this to be like a traffic light, green, yellow and red, if you need design suggestions :P It's a colour code that almost everyone knows and will understand without need for words that would take up space on the marauder's map or in the toggle itself)