Shortcut to Clubs - Top 3

Drew Aliyeva 3 years ago updated by Jane Roseworth 8 months ago 10

So, there was the new shortcut to house clubs added

This is really cool, but it would be awesome, if there was a possibility to get a top 3 of clubs there, so if you are a leader of a team or even just a member of a team, then it is much easier to enter the club.

This would make life and navigating the clubs so much easier! 


Yeeessss!! Currently I have one of my clubs bookmarked just for easier access, your idea would solve a lot x)


PLEASE i need xD It would be so much easier


It would be nice to have the club for the work pointed too, and maybe if one has a usermade club they love, so yes please, this opportunity would be nice!


This would be amazing for those of us with jobs!


this would be wonderful ^-^

I really like this idea! It would be so beneficial to those of us with jobs!