Shortcut to Clubs - Top 3

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So, there was the new shortcut to house clubs added

This is really cool, but it would be awesome, if there was a possibility to get a top 3 of clubs there, so if you are a leader of a team or even just a member of a team, then it is much easier to enter the club.

Great, thank you

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This would actually be really great. :)


This would make life and navigating the clubs so much easier! 


Yeeessss!! Currently I have one of my clubs bookmarked just for easier access, your idea would solve a lot x)


PLEASE i need xD It would be so much easier


It would be nice to have the club for the work pointed too, and maybe if one has a usermade club they love, so yes please, this opportunity would be nice!


This would be amazing for those of us with jobs!

This could be SUPER helpful ^-^

Yes it would! Also, you know how you have an easy access of your house's club at the top? It would be nice if there was a place where you could choose the club you use most and put it there


Yasssssss!!! :D

And if you have a job, maybe the club FOR that job could automatically be up there as well? Because those clubs are important and it’s annoying to get to them every time if you need to do something in the forums or whatever :3

Indeed! Most jobs you have to put your weekly work in the forums!


this would be wonderful ^-^

I really like this idea! It would be so beneficial to those of us with jobs!


This can be achieved with the new port key system