Pay Raise

Axel Wilderr 3 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 6

The Management Staff who run different teams, like the BS Leader, or a CE, could decide what sort of pay a student with the job gets. For example, a studet who just started a BS job would get like 15-20 Obols a week, and someone who has had the jobs for months can get between 30-40, as like a way of encouraging students to stay with the same job! 


what the fuck is an obol?


if you read the context, then you can see that it is the Galleon equivalent on one of the sites. My guess would be Olympians.

I don't think this is a really good idea... It would give people the suggestion that they are less worthy than there colleagues and therefore create a certain tension between people. Also, it could get personal. because a boss could choose to give more galleons to a friend of theirs and less to an enemy.

Third: It is not like someone who works longer, does more or does a better job. Leaders could choose to give their minions a present or something, but a pay raise?

And last, but not least: 40 sounds like a lot to me, looking at the fact that a teacher job only gives you 45 galleons, while a teacher job is so much more work than a student job.


This would seem pretty unfair to some users, as different teams could get different wages. Also, management people could favour some people over others.