More messages below

Anke 3 years ago updated by World of Potter 1 year ago 6

Ever since I got my new computer, my chat has been acting weird. It keeps saying: More messages below or multiple messages below. This also shows during Quidditch matches which makes it really hard to play cause I keep refreshing cause I'm scared I'm missing questions. Is there any way I could fix this by myself or what is going on and why didn't it show on my last computer?


I had this as well, but the way I fixed it was by having zoomed out to 80% instead of the 100%


Although this is quite a simple solution (although an annoying one, as adjusting to a new zoom is alway irritating) it would be nice if this issue was solved so that users didn't need to adjust their zoom at all to view the chat


Yeah, zooming out to 80% works for me but it makes the fonts rather small and generally decreases the comfort with which the website is used. It would be wonderful if this issue could be resolved because it's a pain that everytime I want to chat now I zoom out to 80%, and zoom back in when working on the website. Makes it hard to chat and work simultaneously. 

I have this problem as well, and it sucks. I'm almost never in chat, 'cause I can't keep up when the chat's acting like this.


They changed the Label saying "More messages below" to be at the top of the chat now which really helped me!

But it would be really nice if this could be fixed for good.