Cuddle Pets in the Kennel

Luthor Page 2 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela / Zara 1 year ago 4

I think you should be able to cuddle pets in the kennel of any site. I will look at the kennel and see rows and rows of dozens of unhappy pets who do have full hunger bars but a sad expression on their sweet pet faces. 


I think it is a bad idea, because if you could cuddle the pets in kennel ppl would put them in there to be sure to get happy pets back. :/ Instead of taking care of them and get ppl to cuddle...


I don't think people would just put them in there as something lazy, just to be able to get cuddles, but I see it does get annoying when people do 

A. Spam chats asking for cuddles

B. Spend money to make cuddle clubs that go inactive

C. Keep up a happy streak on a pet only to watch it fail if they kennel it. 

Maybe it could be worked out to something else, such as your pet can get cuddled if you WANT while in the kennel, like a feature, but it costs 2 galleon more every day or every time a person cuddles it takes a galleon or something.


I think if you want to get it cuddled in the kennel, you have to pay like not 2 galleons each day, because some pets won't get cuddled. I think every day you get your pets cuddled, it should be like 1 or 2 galleons more per day.