Experience for cuddling pets

Damon Walcott 2 years ago updated by World of Potter 7 months ago 6

I just tried to do so to make sure it wasn't a part of the site yet. This would make it much more attractive to cuddle other people's pets on a daily basis as it would also benefit one self in a little bit.

Satisfaction mark by Damon Walcott 7 months ago

I like your idea, but maybe show what it should give ppl?

This would be great motivation to cuddle other pets, but the amount of experience can't be too high, or you'll run into people buying a ton of pets and farming off of them for experience. 

Still think it's a great idea though! Would love to see this!


I think perhaps 5-10 experience per cuddle could be fair considering sending owls also gives 5 experience each :D