Assigment comment

William Åkerman 3 years ago updated by anonymous 2 years ago 8

Hi, I think it would be good if a pupil that got to comment about the induvidual feedback. That way, if there is a question the one giving feedback had about the text, the pupil can explain it. Even if it don't change the grade.

You do get feedback from homework. You can also submit complaints if you receive an unfair grade.

No, I mean comment the feedback.


Yeah, sometimes people write questions in the feedback and you can't answer 'cause they don't write their name, or just the surname or a nickname, that could go for many other people, too.


The reason they have that is because some users may rant at others about the feedback if you post comments. We have AT to deal with stuff like that. Any hw questions should go to them or the teachers.

this isnt a place for adverts.


It is good for the people to give feedback and ask question here if having some issues. When I got the professional assignment help I read about these ideas and giving feedback motivate us doing the things right.