Gifts aren't sent

glitterbeamgirl 9 months ago updated by Kayte / Angela / Zara 5 months ago 3

I try sending more than one of the sandwiches, twenty five to be exact. I bought at the diner to another character of mine, but it doesn't work saying I sent the gift but it didn't send all of the twenty five sandwiches. I even tried sending twenty five glasses of water to another character of mine, and I still got the message that the gift was sent, but it didn't send all the twenty five glasses of water. Please fix this. It's a really annoying bug.

The characters I that I was using to send the presents is level 5 and named Jem Pollock. The character who I was sending the presents to is a level 8 character named Amanda Chanel Hudson. 

Did it send some of the items but not all? If so, how many sent?