Editing sent homework

glitterbeamgirl 4 weeks ago updated by World of Potter 2 weeks ago 2

After I sent my homework, I can't edit it. There are changes I'd like to make when it comes to my homework after it gets sent. Can we please be able to edit our sent work?


You do already get a chance to confirm that you want to send your homework, to prevent any missclick from happening. Therefore you can already check you haven't forgotten anything before sending your homework : I don't see the point in being able to edit it again afterwards. Moreover once it's sent, your homework goes straight to the grading pile and you never know when graders have started reading them, so it'd be pretty annoying for them if your homework changed in the middle of the grading process.


After you sent in your homework the grading process immediately starts, ensuring that you get your grade as quick as possible. Therefore it is not possible to edit the homework again after submitting it. Try to make sure you've included everything you need in your homework before submitting it.