jarno 1 year ago updated by Squirrel Jo 1 year ago 5

i think we should be able to invest our money.

perhaps in storess where you get a percentage at the end of the year or monthly based on the invested amount

people should also be able to put money towards the ministry and make profit in return


There are already plenty of ways to gain money - homework, riddles and of course Gringotts interest rates. I don't see why this would be necessary :/


thats the point of it you make so much money you what better way than to invest it in shops or even gringots itself for improvement or a wider range of products.cause all i do right now is havving money in the bank i could easily live from the gringots interest and still helpshops grow by investing in them or buying and owning shops


Oh you mean real life money then ? You can always buy VIP to help the site live, grow and improve. But galleons and IG money won't pay a designer to design new products or a developer to develop new functionalities...

i already have vip but you coud rpthat a shop doesnt have enough money to expands their assortmend and seek a person to invest in their store 

so i meant galleons and ig money  all the time.like the weasly's etting harry's price money as investment into the store


I believe you can RP about funding shops and other establishments (be careful about mentioning the original owners of existing shops though, for example you could not say you want to help Madam Rosmerta), however giving galleons to the site would be pointless if the aim is to actually increase the range of items to be sold (= that other players can buy with galleons). As I already said, this is something that is controlled by the developers, with real life money (like dollars, euros...).